Barun and Sanaya: An Unforgetable Chemistry

Barun and Sanaya: An Unforgetable Chemistry

Arnav and Khushi (Barun and Sanaya) rocked the screen for almost a year and a half with their sizzling chemsitry in Iss pyar ko kya naam doon. Theu is still said to be one of the hottest jodi even after 5 month the show get off. The fans are waiting for this jodi to get back on screen, and do the magic again. Currently Sanaya is seen in Sony’s Chhan Chhan and Barun Sobti is trying his luck in Bollywood. We wish both the actors to have a successful career ahead.


51 comments on “Barun and Sanaya: An Unforgetable Chemistry

  1. We love u Barun Sobti & Sanaya Irani – we love the magical SaRun chemistry. Plz come back together once again on screen, be it on tv or movie. We want u to create that magic again ❀

  2. Divya Sawant says:

    really greatt

  3. Barun & Sanaya r the best hot couple ever……………….:)

    Love their performance always……………:)

  4. Navya Bharathi says:

    We want arnav and kushi back

  5. Arta Kumar Roul says:

    me & my maa also miss both cople

  6. Sonali says:

    Barun and Sanaya are a heaven made jodi. Even after Iss pyaar Ko has ended and 6 months later we are left wanting more of them. Hope God listen’s to our prayers and sends this jodi back on-screen πŸ™‚

    Barun and Sanaya, hope you are listening πŸ™‚

  7. They are the BEST couple EVER !!!!!!!!!!

  8. meghaluvsarun says:

    They r d ultimate jodi n Heart Rulers n remain to be 1 forever….!!!!!!!!
    Sarun Addicted Fan…..always πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  9. Love u SARUN so much… waiting for ur comeback together. plz com back plz

  10. Athira says:

    i feel bad
    im dere fan n i didnt stop dem
    realy miss u arshi
    cnt even imagine a world without u both
    love both

  11. iris says:

    The sizzling chemistry is missed a lot! I wish we can have the joy to see them together along with whole cast of IPKKND. Really miss them a lot!

  12. verdika says:

    i love u more and mis u everyday more dan d previous day

  13. verdika says:

    i love u sarun, u r d best and wil remain so in many’s heart

  14. kgr says:

    i still watch ipk repeats…cant stop watchn this show. really miss u guys. waiting to c u both agen in a new show or ipk 2…

  15. arshi ipkknd says:

    Sarun is the best waiting to see them again.

  16. teju says:

    Barun & sanaya

  17. Nasir Javed says:

    arshi you rockkkk

  18. Nasir Javed says:

    arshi best forever

  19. miss says:


  20. they are always amazing adorble awesome couple forever hope they come back miss u so much i fall in love very first and last time with arshi….

  21. urva says:


  22. love u sarun,and plz coe back soon with a new show.we are eagerly waiting for that

  23. sanaya says:


  24. Zeba Sheikh says:

    magic! my foot

  25. Purvi says:

    Barun Sanaya – are SIMPLY UNFORGETTABLE and AMAZING! nobody can deny their impeccable performance in IPKKND!

  26. Megha says:

    I love u Arshiiiiiii…really missing them now a dayssss…we want them back…..

  27. stelar97 says:

    Arshi & Ipkknd Forever

  28. The chemistry of barun and sanaya as arnav and khushi can never be forgotten..they create a benchmark of their sizzling, passionate and awesome chemistry in such a way that we love and miss them till date and could not find any other like them :)))

  29. yasaswini says:

    Arshi jodi is really a “rab ne banade jodi”… they are the best.

  30. mamata says:

    plz come soon we miss both of u

  31. miss says:

    Sarun magical and unforgettable chemistry as arshi is unbeaten forever
    Love sarun forever

  32. Sohini Banerjee says:

    Barun sanaya is the best couple forever love u nd miss u…plz come back soon…..

  33. miss says:

    Love u sarun
    And wish u good luck sweet hearts
    Chan chan is rocking
    And barun is gonna have good future in bollywood too

  34. shikha says:

    Sarun are magical heavenly Most good looking jodi .

    They with their talent and hot and sizzling chemisty can give even BW jodi run for their money.

  35. imemyself says:

    yeah unforgettable coz they were so cold…what chemistry???? they had none!!! and if ppl like watching average thanda pairing on Tv and calling that chemistry..well then they deserve to be served sub std fare !!

    • Mahira Khan says:

      LOL!!!!!!! U are obssessed with yourself only Mr/Mrs. what will u notice their chemistry? Seriously, feel like kicking u with the chappals in my feet, OH wait! are u even worth them? Behave whoever u r! If u cant speak good about anyone, u bloody dont have any right to speak bad about anyone. Get it?

  36. Arnav says:

    Barun Sobti and Sanaya Irani’s chemistry was adorable. We really love them so much. We are very proud of them. They are looking so cute and so sweet together. I really like the chemistry between them. They always laugh, they always care about each other.. Their friendship is just amazing! So how can we forget the most most incredible jodi of the world? Barun and Sanaya are made for each other! They are the most talented actors in Tellywood and they will always.They are the most wanted jodi current. People are dying to see them once again back on screen, to rock the screen. We, fans, are doing so much to bring them back. And we really wish to see them back on TV together! Barun and Sanaya are an UNFORGETTABLE chemistry.. We really miss them.. I really love you ArShi, SaRun. Please come backk. XX

  37. meerapkhan says:

    Really Sarun are the HOTTEST COUPLE of indian television.
    Life is soooooo boring without ipkknd and arshi.
    plz come back Sarun,Your Millions fans all over the world are waiting for that magical moment.
    God plz give us Sarun back.

  38. we all know there are best and most populer and hottest onscreen pair in indian television history …. and my family member are waiting for SaRun to come back again onscreen together πŸ™‚ missing themm sooo much …. love ya Sanaya and Barun plz come back again πŸ™‚
    – S a n a –

  39. zainab safdar says:

    please give us ipkknd season 2

  40. shuchi zaman says:

    we miss them .we want to see them again .plz come back for us.

  41. sayma from Bangladesh says:

    i know how impossible leave without them (Sarun) in everyday, so back again in front of my eyes for all time.

  42. arya says:

    they are the best jodi in the entire Indian entertainment industry.never been anything like it and never will be.They are made for each other.

  43. gunjan khurana says:


  44. Sana says:

    Barun and sanaya are made for each other. We can see and feel the intensity of their love for each other in their scenes. This is true love, the best couple ever..May their love for each other lasts forever. My greatest wish to God is to see them married. Not only Arnav andο»Ώ Khushi but Barun and Sanaya are meant for each other. Heavenly, eternal pair! & there’s no split between what they feels and the acting! Never witnessed a jodi like them in any movie or tv shows. Dying to see them in a movie and in real life together..forever and ever

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