Asad and Zoya Nikaah To Happen?

Asad and Zoya Nikaah To Happen?


23 comments on “Asad and Zoya Nikaah To Happen?

  1. shweta says:

    Pls get dem maried

  2. sapna dhole says:

    superb show mindblowing cuple zoya’s acting vry well overall 10/10…………thanks

  3. Ayesha says:

    Asad & Zoya complete each other !
    Plllzzzz we wantt Asad & Zoya together & to get married !
    No twists !
    Asya together & forever ❤ thats it ❤

  4. Aseel Hamdan says:

    Yes yes ofcourse i want it to happen! But also i want it to happen in a an amaaazing way like tanveer really tries to kill zoya and she succeded in hurting zoya after she tries telling asad about tanveers truth. Ofcourse asad does nt believe her and says bad things to her and he leaves tanveer comes and hurt zoya sooo bad that she might die… Asad then looses control when he sees zoya in that state….. He admits his love to zoya and says something like tum hi ho lyrics … Without u i cant live .. Sooo romantic … Then he will know about tanveer being the bad girl because tqnveer loses control when she hears asad confessing his feelings to zoya and she says bad things about zoya so at that moment he realises that zoya was right and he regrets not listening to her and now zoya is paying the price with her life …. And he slaps tanveer and gets angry on how she can be his friend and do this to him and his love ( zoya )!!!

  5. aaliya saba says:

    i dont want to let dis hapen otrwise it lost thr plot ….i mean nothng is sought out now nd dis marriage is not haponing ………but frm the begnnng it is so unpredctble so it might be

  6. Zaahira says:

    Should the story continue with Zoya NOT marrying Asad, then Qubool hai will lose the MAJORITY of its viewers! I for one will forever hate it. These series has gained the love of all solely because of its uniqueness. Dont make it like all the others. Keep Qubool hai original
    And for crying out loud… Let them get married!!!!

  7. Sweta Rout says:

    Asad and Zoya k bich me Ayan ko mat lao yaar….

  8. yessssssssssssss they will say qubool hai to each other but wen there will be no trace of tanveer

  9. sarav sidhu says:

    definetly… dere nikaah must happen..

  10. Imran husain says:

    Tum ko paya hai aankho me teri ajab si ajab si adaain hai

  11. Ricky says:

    It should happen, dunno if it will

  12. Neha varshney says:

    Not now bt afterwards

  13. sachin patel says:

    yes, because asad & zoya both love each other

  14. arzina says:

    well asad will know tanveer true face,then asad n zoya will confess their love to each other,but there will be a twist in zoya life as his dad is alive,pata nahin hoga ourke shaadi ya na,par love there is no bondaries

  15. tejas says:

    Hona hi he

  16. nilam says:

    i hope unka nikah ho jaye…..

  17. prarthana says:

    i hate this tanveer

  18. when zoya will open tanveer reality in front of asad on that time they will say qubool hai to each other

  19. loveline says:

    yes we want zoya and asad nikkah becoz without them no qubool hai

  20. mausam says:

    Let it please happen in next few episodes but not before tanveers truth is revealed, and yes zoya must ignore or leave asad for sometime so that at least it humbles him and he learns to trust zoya as it is very important for any relationship no matter what! And no marriages to different persons meanwhile please!

  21. Qubool Hai says:

    I just hope they get married.

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