Most Beautiful Actress. VOTE!

Most Beautiful Actress. VOTE!


189 comments on “Most Beautiful Actress. VOTE!

  1. sanaya my all time fav…… tv world barbie she is… Bs and SI rocks… and want them back…… Sanaya I love you……………………..

  2. DD is the best best actor in the world she is amazing princess for my she is Beautiful and distinctive Cinderella god portect her for all evill

  3. arya says:

    dont trust these polls

  4. deepa says:

    the one and inly sukirti kandpal. She is the true diva and real beauty 🙂

  5. deepa says:

    the one and only sukirti kandpal. She is the true diva and real beauty 🙂
    She is the best

  6. Omnipotence says:

    All are beautiful except Sanaya Irani -__- Sanaya is the ugliest actress on the whole of television. She really needs to do something about her face and need to go to acting school ASAP. She has gone so arrogant but look Chachan is giving her a reality check LOL
    Surbhi and Drashti you girls are beautiful ❤

    • kabhi rocks says:

      i love all surbhi lovers:)

    • Alina says:

      If you think Sanaya’s ugly,then you better go and have your eyes checked.and about the acting school,this affirmation is just to stupid to even be better do something with your own life,before commenting about an actress that has proved her talent since many years ago.

    • navya says:

      you are obviosly.right. drashti is gorgeous among all of them.

    • Sharp Ahmed Khan says:

      Surbhi beautiful???? Nonsence…. Sukirti is the best….Then Drashmi…then Sanaya…. Last Surbhi… Surbhi ka face look like a man….. really hate her….

      • pari says:

        han tou you thnk that she loves u… lolz

      • omg,,, u ok??,,if u dnt like surbhi ,its ok,,,,dts ur choice,,,bt dnt insult her saying her face luk like man,,,,,,frm which angel sukriti z best,,she z worst of all,,,,,,she relly need to work with her acting skillz,,,,,,,,,,surbhi and dd are best,,,,,,even sanaya z ok,,,,sukriti,,,yuk man,,

    • sarun fan says:

      i think first u have to check ur eyes lol
      u r saying sanaya is nt beautiful…this is joke of the decade
      she is nd will be most beautiful actress ever
      just dont over act ok …u have ur choice nd u should also know to respect other actors too
      just dont how people come over websibes nd write anything they want about a person
      this is low thinking of u
      cant say more …sanaya is most beautiful nd down to earth person in this whole telly industry…so just shut up

    • u ar the ugliest not sanaya and shrubhi look like monster lol

  7. Ragz says:

    Sorry who are Surbhi and Drashti when Sanaya Irani is there? LOL Its Sanaya all the way 😉 I love Sukirti ❤

  8. musaib says:

    Drashti dhami

  9. pooja rajwar says:

    surbhi jyoti and jennifer singh grover…

  10. DRASHTI is the most beautiful without any doubt..
    We dnt need any stupid poll to prove it

  11. khan sana says:

    zoya is my favourite….

  12. kabhi rocks says:

    i lyk sanaya n drashti also bt…
    surbhi jyoti is 1st n last 4 me now atleast…:)

  13. when the vote will stop ??

  14. iqra says:

    Surbhiiiii ❤ ❤

  15. Arta Kumar Roul says:

    Sanaya Deserve that Award for IPKKND

  16. Arta Kumar Roul says:

    Sanaya my all time Fav.
    miss u sanaya
    Plz come ipkknd seasone 2

  17. Debo says:

    Sanaya Irani is the sun…noone can stand next to her dazzle

  18. Mani says:

    Surbhi Jyothi hands down. She looks beautiful without any make-up and she has a sexy curvy figure, a striking dimpled smile above all she is a natural actress, never goes OTT, and a galore of expressions. After ages Indian TV has really got a actress who can actually act and emote.

  19. Meh says:

    It’s stupid that you guys just let this poll go on forever. Atleast set a deadline man!

  20. zoya says:

    super rocking drashti dhami is the best.

  21. kunfan says:

    surbhiiiii….. <333

  22. navya says:

    all are mad. who is voting 4 this stupid sanaya. i hate her. she is the ugliest tellywood actress.
    look at dashti’s smile, eye,cheek ,lips,how beautiful it is.please vote 4 her. she must be the winner.

  23. ..-AsYa-.. says:

    Surbhi Jyoti is the ethernal beauty of Indian Tellywood!!! SJ will lagaaoing watt of everyone!!! 😉 love u SJ!!!

  24. Anjali says:


  25. AsYa fan says:

    always surbhi is the best

  26. AsYa fan says:

    u deserve it surbhi , u r awesome as zoya !!!! 😉

  27. AsYa fan says:

    surbhi the best !!!! yeahhhh

  28. AsYa fan says:

    all AsYains can trust this poll !!! lol 😀

  29. AsYa fan says:

    yeah Surbhi Jyoti , have to celebrate it !!!

  30. sonam chauhan says:

    surbhi is d best of all among luv uh surbhi..

  31. alinalouis says:

    Surbhi is the best

  32. alinalouis says:

    Surbhi is the best
    … sukirti n drashti aa over smart …
    Nn irani is nt bad … but nothin compares 2 zoya/surbhi …

  33. arzina says:

    wow surbhi ur r really amazing ,that why u ve win,may god blessed with wiz more happiness

  34. mathu says:

    Drasthi dhami

  35. guddy says:

    If u c all of dem without makeup drasti looks so beautiful folllwed by sukruti,sanaya den surbhi.
    As per dis photpgraph sanayalooks so pretty.

  36. Sharp Ahmed Khan says:

    Sanaya ❤

  37. Karansurbhifan says:

    In my opinion: 1. Surbhi Jyoti the most different and beautiful personalty out of all the actresses. Which makes her more beautiful. Her acting is sooo natural ❤ 2. Drashti. She is so cute and I love her sense of humor. She is beautiful too! 3. Sanaya is like Drashti. Cute and fun. And beautiful too. 4. Sukirti.. She has a natural beautiful face and she is cute ❤

  38. pari says:

    yippie surbhi won… i love u… keep rockng..

  39. meerapkhan says:

    Sanaya irani is most beautiful lady on this planet.
    @Omnipotence if you cant say anything good about others then shut your mouth it will be better for others. Every one has its own choice and if you dont like Sanaya its ok but dont use such harsh words about her.Praise your favourite and leave. why bashing is so important. My favourite is Sanaya but i am not saying anything bad about others cause others are not even exist for me when Sanaya is in the list.
    But you cant ignore Sanaya,you are jealouse to our sanaya’s populatrity,cause your favourites are nothing infront of Sanaya.
    Don’t dare to say anything to our princess.

    • pari says:

      see now you r also bashing, ur speech could also b ended wdout saying that others r nthng infront ov sanaya…:/ preach what u r saying…

  40. mini khushi says:

    my vote for sanaya irani . So please award ko sanaya di ko dethona please .meri tharafse sanaya di ko vote 10000000000000000etc .

  41. mini khushi says:

    my vote for sanay .

  42. mini khushi says:

    my vote for sanay .sanaya is beautiful hai isliye sanaya di famous hain .kisyne sanaya di ke baremain kuch bura kiya tho main barthash nakin karunga . So plz judgess award ko sanaya di ko dethona . Kanyakumari se koom main .Kanyakumari tak sanaya di ki acting famous hain .famous aur beautiful this 2 words ka meaning be ek hain she is most femous and beautiful .so enoda vote yarukuna athu sanaya akka ku madum thaan .i love sanaya tamil state ki tharafse tamil nadu ki vote for sanaya .

  43. Deepak sinha says:

    Sanaya Irani

  44. khushiixoxoarnav says:

    these days wenever i see d word “TELLY” as admins I don’t TRUST them!! blame it on ITA …whether U r associated with them or not…

  45. Divya gupta says:

    sanaya n surbhi is mostttt……… beautiful actress

  46. Divya gupta says:

    sanaya n surbhi is mostttt……… beautiful actress I love him2

  47. ajay aravind says:

    Darshti dhami is my all time favorite.

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