4Lions Films Best Show WINNER!

4Lion Best Show WINNER!

And the winner is Geet, Yes we got our winner for the poll we arranged for all the fans. The contest got an amazing response from the fans from all over the world and the competition was very tough between Is pyar ko kya naam doon and Geet. There were total over 2000,00 Votes on the poll. Geet won the poll by only some votes, congratulation to all the fans out there. You Did it.


47 comments on “4Lions Films Best Show WINNER!

  1. sanjida says:

    GEET is a classic and the one n only show to rule the hearts of millions forever! after watching the scintillating , mesmerizing n ever gorgeous MAANEET no sensible person can move to a different show or at least couple! They r simply the best….A day without MAANEET is sort of impossible for us… love MAANEET, the best couple of this universe to every bit ❀

  2. Geet Handa says:

    Geet is unmatched !
    17 months since our show was snatched for a revamp we all fail to understand we still are stuck up with GEET/MAANEET and GURTI cos they were the best and we fell in love with a classic and we cannot fill the void they left by watching them alone !
    well deserved victory and kudos to those who beat all odds and stuck to thier Job !
    GEET is a classic and no one can replicate the magic created by Maaneet in any other show !
    If they try, as we have seen it only ends up being a disaster

  3. Goshi Gul says:

    geet is the best show n well deserved πŸ™‚

  4. Aastha Kedawat says:

    Indeed we did it
    If v want to do smthng v do dat
    N em xcitd n happy dat al d fans cme togethr as united team n mark a win

    Keep gng guys v no9 v r d best aftr al MAANEET GURTI ka saval tha

    Thank u

  5. SUMAIYARIYA says:

    yes geet is the best show.maaneet r the best ever nd forever

  6. gurti001 says:

    Geet Hui Sabse Parayi is a class apart.. People can shout from rooftops about other couples/shows but that doesn’t change the reality.. Geet and Gurti/Maaneet are incomparable and THE BEST..

  7. arunima says:

    mannet alwaz rock n congratulations to all d maaneetians …………………………

  8. @Gurti.com says:

    Geet is only show which is orginal & 4lions mader their other show by copying its own show !!
    well deserved winneer .. Thankss to all Geet fans for making this winner . Channel can betry us but when poll is open we can see who is the REAL WINNER ❀ Those have another choice except GEET can suggest u one thing ..GO & EATCH GEET .. don't miss one of the best show πŸ™‚

  9. Congrationlation for all Maaneet fans that i’m one of them they are just in our life and heart as like a LEGEND πŸ˜‰

  10. debarati says:

    Geet is original and always best and this is well deserved victory . Maaneet / Gurti is heart & soul of Geet

  11. geet bis best of the best show forever this is not only show this show is our soul

  12. Ashmeet chhatwal says:

    Yupieeeeeeeeeeee we did it πŸ™‚ * Geet is the best show forever * ❀ GEET / MAANEET & GURTI FOREVER !! ❀ Truelyyyyyy magicallllllll ❀ πŸ˜€

  13. simmblogs says:

    yappeeeeeeeeee we won………………love it love it………….GEET is always stay near bt our hearts ……….no body can take place of our beloved show GEET………..MAANEET IS THE BEST COUPLE ………..GEET IS THE BEST SHOW……….FOR EVER & EVER…..LOVE U GEET

  14. hema says:

    GHSP s always the best ..it hs its originality ..it s an epic ..a saga of love ..gurmeey drashti lived the character of maan geet ..epitome love..no dialogues needed 2 our belovd sirf eyes ll do ..gurti cum bak 2 us ..love u .v adore ..

  15. shama says:

    Best of best geet maaneet is the best

  16. Geet Fann says:

    Geet and Gurti are original.

  17. woooow this party time to alll love geet maan ….Congratulations to all of my heart
    Series deserves the best in the world This series is the story of a family
    And the love between brothers and friends
    I did not watch a series like this in my life its amazing and mind blowing all the best for every one

  18. Anusha says:

    Yes we did it.! Indeed GEET was a classic which can never be matched.! Even after the show being off air..the fans crave for the show to insanity.! No other show can hold the magic GEET held.! It was 4 lions masterpiece which can never be recreated.! LOVE GEET..MAANEET AND GURTI TO NO LIMITS.! It was..is and will always remain the BEST. πŸ™‚

  19. flourence13 says:

    yupieee the orignal classy GEET won.obviously MAANEET aka GURMEET,DRASHTI/ GURTI deserve to be win.no one can beat maaneet chemistry n charm they r magical couple.we r still cherrish maaneet memories n still loved them more n more muawhss :* .proud to be MAANTEIAN/GURTIAN ❀ ❀

  20. rukhsana says:

    yeeepeeeee geet won yahoo

  21. anisha mehra says:

    geet is is the best show firever nd ghsp ofcurse deserve this nd we do it. I wish that ghsp 2 came with maaneet missing them a lottt

  22. Anusha says:

    By the way admins..5500 votes difference is not a small deal.! So we cannot say ” SOME VOTES”. πŸ™‚ Still happy that Geet won.! πŸ™‚

  23. Santhi Sani says:

    yeeeeepeeee πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ We did it..!! no one can’t beat GEET

  24. Tabassum Meem says:

    GEET HUI SABSE PARAYI is tehe best n yeh toh hona hi tha cuze we deserve it

  25. Bobby Ghosh says:


  26. maaneet27 says:

    The best show won..Kudos to effort of all maaneetians..

  27. Kiran Nautiyal says:

    yes we did it….Maan-Geet is best….we fans want GEET HUI SABSE PARAYEE again on TV with same cast….no body can portray Maan and Geet other than Gurmeet and Drashti….

  28. sairab says:

    s. we did it. congatulations guys we did it nd prove it day we r loyal fans of maaneet md ghsp.

    tumhari bina hamaari zindagi adhoori hai maaneet (ghsp)

  29. Geet iz classic nd Gurti/Maaneet r best couple nd will always remain in our hearts nd soul till Eternity…none can beat us…

  30. Maahi Zaidi says:

    geet n maaneet rockx….

  31. Venu Gopal says:

    Yes we did it again Gurtians. We showed again that Geet is a masterpiece uncomparable and gurti is a Jodi whose chemistry is unmatchable .Take a bow Gurtians

  32. yupiee…. GEET… this is what they spread LOVE πŸ˜‰
    love to love the maaneet gurti & whole package !!!!
    EPIC Serial ever i watched!!!

  33. Sumira Sufi says:

    Geet is and always will be very close to our hearts and we are extremely happy that GHSP won….
    The magic of Maneet is irreplacable and their chemistry was mind blowing..Three cheers for ”GEET”..

  34. Taz Ahmed says:

    GEET was,is and always THE BEST ..A CLASSIC AND ORIGINAL WILL ALWAYS REMAIN ..MAANEET played by GURTI made the show & characters ETERNAL FOREVER ..

  35. Tamsa sonu says:

    V Really MISS ” MAAN n GEET”

  36. Salina says:

    Proud to be maaneetian 😎

  37. deepali sharma says:

    i know it ghsp won definately because no one equal of gurti.

  38. KIRTI says:

    At last Hamari voting kaam aayi. Our show Geet is, was and always will be best.

  39. hitomilee49 says:

    awesome so finally d best won πŸ™‚ ghsp will always b d best MaanEet magic cn never b recreated thy r d best nd always be πŸ™‚

  40. maanshi says:

    GEET is the best forever

  41. aastha says:

    even if they thousand replica of geet, geet shall always remain the best show eva….

  42. aastha says:

    even if they create thousand replica of geet, geet shall always remain the best show eva….

  43. rama says:

    GEET is classic romantic serial, the other serials of 4lions is just copy of this original which had substance, they portrayed love & passion so well, very dignified characters, v r watching it again in star utsav, even though starone stopped it so forcefully, those ppl who hvn;t seen it r really missing something… luv u geet&maan real icons for romance. even though the channel starone stopped it to revamp still they superbly closed the show whereas ipkknd had many loop holes in the story to accomodate the availability of the hero and many things were copied from geet. i hv watched both the shows but GEET is best.

  44. GEET rockk!!

    Maaneet rockkk

    GurTi Rockkkkk!!

  45. Pritty Paul says:

    maaneet always best show evr…. ipkknd copied geet bt geet is always best ❀
    maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ❀

  46. well deserve definately….it’s almost 2 yrs after its ending…& till now it’s magical effect is alive on fan’s mind!!!!! I wish…..the production house could understand this!

  47. Gurtian says:

    Geet is the best show!! IPKKND,Qubool hai e.t.c copied it alot but can never ever beat it!! Love you Gurti!! Hate you Kabhi and Sarun!!! Drashti Rocks! Gurmeet Rocks! gurmeet only belongs to drashti not that aunty kratika!

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