4Lions Films Best Show RUNNER UP!

4Lions Films Best Show RUNNER UP!

Is Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon, is the runner up for the 4Lions FIlms Best Show without any doubt. The show gave a tough competition to the Geet and Qubool Hai fans. It got over 1000,00 votes. And it lost the contest by only some votes, so cheer up as the show is the Runner Up for the contest. Congratulation all the fans.


13 comments on “4Lions Films Best Show RUNNER UP!

  1. prachi says:

    Ipkknd is the best show on television till now n no other show is like ipkknd and this stupid polls are not that important and its important only for those who says awards r not important but yes this stupid polls are important for them,,Really are they joking.

    • monikagahlawat says:

      u winn..!! it matters..they are one of the important polls and awards..
      and when u loose..it stupid…!!! really… 😛

    • Aamna says:

      A small request from this Admins. Pls don’t have two polls at same time including the same nominees. How can we vote for both at same time. IPKKND was there in your “4 lions best romantic poll” and “best show poll”. If you counted total no.of votes in both the polls we are much ahead than any other show. And you know not everyone will do sit there and do multiple voting. There are only limited no. of ppl who’ll stick to these multiple voting.

      That is the main reason why we lost these two polls. If this is a mistake pls don’t repeat it again.

    • manaskrmajumder says:

      yeah i completely agree with you prachi…
      it was no doubt one of the most silly jokes of the year 2013…
      i mean qubool hai better than ipkknd…
      come on people get a life for yourselves…
      ipkknd, arshi, sarun forever… hamesha…

  2. Vandna Yadav says:

    This was the best show in have seen on TV..the show wthout sas bahu wal typical jaghada, a cute love story and the story of love b/w all the family members specially arnav n anjali di, a story of unbreakable trust b/w husband n wife n a lot more….i really miss this show..

  3. Pritee says:

    IPKKND is the best show! It cannot be compared to any other show! All the characters in this show, not only arshi, but everyone was loved and is still in the hearts of so many people!! This show is unforgettable and unbeatable!!!

  4. arya says:

    these polls are rigged

  5. Suzzee says:

    Wat rubbish ipkknd was very ahead . Rigged poll

  6. manaskrmajumder says:

    are you kidding me?
    ipkknd is runners up!…
    do people even know what stature it has in the whole world…
    it is even now after over 6 months of its end, the most popular and loved indian daily soap in the whole freaking world…
    it is reckoned as a classic…
    it gave the industry the golden boy of television and at the same time the reigning queen of television…
    i would say ipkknd is incomparable… atleast to qubool hai…i guess…
    sorry but i didn’t get these polls at all sometimes..

  7. thse polls not show how much we love ipkknd ………serials comes nd go but ipkknd is for forever …no one can beat it ….maybe in ur stupid polls but not in our hearts …so yes it always win ……3 cheers for our win 🙂

  8. rituluvrshi says:

    i agree with all of them. ipkknd was best,is best,and will always remain the best.do u agree with me guys?

  9. zainab says:

    guys you are right ipkknd is the best show ever

  10. nireshnee says:


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